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McMumford "Emperor Anarco-Serpentine" X "" Speak to the people:
12. May, 2011
By Krake

LYRYCS pending in PLATE STACK ...

WHAT !!???

... MUSIC ???!!


ON FM 99.3

SATURDAY 10:00 to 11:00!

Savage Republic - Procession: An Aural History 1981-2010 (LTM label,

This is a double collector of post punk / industrial-rock group Savage
Republic that occurred in Los Angeles 1981. The CD number 1 is a
collector of studio items from the previous LP releases, the CD number
2, a live recording from 2010. The genera definitely on Krautrock more
punk orientated art rock ala NEU! and Kraftwerk, but traces of an
industrial-oriented sound. Groups such as Swans and The Legendary Pink
Dots bubbling up at the time and whether they have influenced each
other can imagine. This is often beautiful and repetitive music that
maybe is e tt echoes from ancient Babylon ke empires dating back to
ancient times until the last war ended in 1945.

After all republics under scrutiny as barbaric and there is a great
palette and a historical sight elelment. The undersigned has been on
the mailing list to Ethan Port in the group for 2 years (Mobilization)
but has only now gone to purchase something from Savage Republic of
hyllla. And it recommended! This is killer good things that are not
only "trouble" as industrial-rock is often, and it is not metal ala
Ministry or Nine Inch Nails, but more "Krautrock" and very "Euro"
despite that there is an American group. A really good introduction to
such, and the undersigned can only say good things so far.

Dr. Hasbeen - "Punishment of Crime" (Autopsy Records label, 2009,
Out on the home-grown Autopsy Records, this is a live album with the
British underground space rock group that started under the name
"Spacebandits" in the early 90's. Fully spout and run from start to
finish with atmospheric and Simple Minds punk and Hawkwind references
that the name "Dr. Hasbeen "implies, and recorded live, as most Dr.
Hasbeen slices, we are talking about lo-fi recording, and certainly a
better concert to witness the public than to listen to a CD-R. But ok,
their previous release "Signs" was a true double CD pressing of the
Black Widow label with a beautiful digipack. This is somewhat poorer,
moonshine CD-R with data printing that cover and so on, but oh so fun
to have on the shelf if you show off your CD collection di (while

Lloyd Langton Group - Hard Graft (Allegro label, 2010)
Huw Lloyd-Langton has been quiet with releases in the past decade, but
the old Hawkwind guitarist gromt do it with such a positive and well
played album that "Hard Graft" in 2010. There are no new recordings of
old trotters as "Outside The Law" or "Mark Of Cain," but rather a
bunch of new songs. One of the songs here are even cited for
"Photodynamic Therapy", that is a new way to treat cancer with light-
electrodes, which supposedly has a high success but not being
supported enough. Obscure gets a say. It is otherwise demonstrably
difinitivt that Langton has a positive outlook on life, the texts bear
witness to one who sings to friends with a hearty smile. About old Huw
is as exaggerated as most super-guitarists, no doubt, this album is
solid and good heavy rock without fringes, and a troubadour soul is
this guy still. "PDT: Photodynamic Therapy" was released as mp3
download single in advance of the CD that came last July, and by
buying the album as well, the better for cancer Huw support as a
leading light among the old Hawkwind members of altruism hippie

Gong - "2032" (A-Wave.com Ltd. LabelManager 2009, AAGWCD001)
Legendary and wealthy Gong guitar man Steve Hillage has funded
psychedelia frikete and ko (s) financial troubadours Gong and his
return with most of the band's original crew alive, minus drummer who
unfortunately is dead. The idea behind this mammoth of a dinosaur
concept is that the fabled planet Gong is visible in our solar system
about 23 years, ie in 2032. A lot of renewals in the theme and pretty
exciting concept, if not oh so bankrupt in its heavy production. The
song "Wacky Backy Banker" suggests "Flying Teapot" trilogy era, or
even "Camambert Electrique" if we are going further back to the Stone
Age than 1972. Otherwise, it stuttered a lot of 'modern-times-are-
here' pensioner-hits references to hard drives and e-mails, etc. from
this old band from 60-70 century whose members also are 60-70 years
old. Do you believe in Santa Claus, we have thus Daevid Allen as a man
you do not have to wait longer ... if you do not want to wait heeelt
to 2032, then!

Nick Riff - "Photon Shift '(Riff Disc label, 2009, RIFFDISC003)
This man is an excessive acid-guitar rocker from the Delerium label /
Freak Beat magazine underground that flourished in the late 80's and
early 90's with other similar groups with similar origins as The Bevis
Frond, Sun Dial, The Fuzz Tones, Kingston Wall, and Porcupine Tree.
The undersigned especially remember the song "Cloak of Immortality"
from the "old days", which, as recorded in the same vein, perfect
underground garage / acid rock / punk that might as well be from 1968
or 1977. Absolutely recommended.

ST 37 - High And Inside e (Blue Circle label, 2010)
Rated as one of the most obscure indie space rock groups in the U.S.
Texas-noise rockers ST 37 quite a long and variegated discography
dating back to the late 80th century. And not everything is equally
good. On this latest album is more of the same drone - Krautrock -
meetings - hard punk - meetings - indie rock - the style is still
dominant with one or two punk-blowouts, which is great, as the song
"The White Comanche". There are also long-Krautrock jams and noise
image is heavy and tough. I do not know about the ST 37 has ever done
anything particularly innovative in this genre but when they do their
own versions of Hawkwind songs, and they are on the borderline indie-
rock even if they walk across the Hawkwind-related circuits with other
groups such as Quark Space, F / i and Farflung to music festivals
around the United States. LP "And Then What" coming in 2006 is
probably a much better starting place for uinvidde, or "Space Age" CD
on the Black Widow label in 1997 is also worth mentioning. This should
not be the first ST 1937 album one hears in other words, it's a pretty
plain vanilla and noisy disc without much charm, or so the undersigned
missing something ...

Porcupine Tree - "The Incident" (Roadrunner Records label, 2009,
Smart Mr. Steven Wilson made a frantic intellectual leap from being an
arch-British psychedelia one-man project in the Sixties-frikete
classmate-gang Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond and Gary Ramon in the
Sun Dial, to be prog-metal long-haired and spectacled savior we
believe his massive intellect and his even bigger ego. The undersigned
like this album very well, but not the first couple of times when his
ears prick up, for some reason. It is moving further away thankfully
metal and closer idols Pink Floyd's gloomy landscapes or gjærne prog
rock spheres with a concept that pander to the emotions, it must be
completely honest, if not also pandering to a completely innocent
bystander, for example. Wilson has put together a great concept-album
here, as a kind of dream-maker. Enter Sandman, anyone? Off to Steven
Wilson-country ... this sells slices, and is worth the price per CD, I

Wolfmother - "Cosmic Egg" (DGC Records / Interscope label, 2009,
Funny that there are such groups today that sounds so "vintage" out
and can do carpentry and really concertina sounds as if it was Blue
Cheer, Rainbow, or Genesis to compete with the hit-lists, and also
signed to a major label like Geffen. Australia have here a great
export of prog rock's character without being "retro", it could just
be gjærne The White Stripes, a feel the pulse of the spirit and blues-
roots out there in Outback'en ... or in other words, Detroit's back
streets for that matter sake. With a new lineup behind a vocalist,
this CD that is number 2 from Wolfmother. The debut from 2006 was
chopped stronger, but it's really good over the same template
throughout. Buy the first album, and if it does not pander so do not
buy "Cosmic Egg".

Hawkwind - Blood Of The Earth (East World label, 2010) [iblæh!. Ed]
Hawkwind won Mojo magazine's "Maverick Award" as pioneers in the music
industry, and it is the only prize hittill Hawkwind have won, as they
are notorious as the world's worst band since Uriah Heep despite. But
they are indeed innovators when it comes to mix electronica and heavy
rock music in a blissful leavened science fiction and fantasy genre
mixing. Now the group has done a stunt that is not particularly olive
branch to fans and that is to release three different versions of the
latest album with a unique bonus cuts on each release: a double LP, a
CD single and a double CD in laminated box with lots of live material.
If one really likes Hawkwind so much that one will use 600 million to
catch everything, so get a do it then, so did yours truly. To be
honest it just Boxen that is worth having. The songs "Starshine" and
"Sunship" from simple CD and LP'n is not on the 2CD Boxen but they are
not essential instrumental pieces. Live material and the comedy
interview is fabulous fun extra goodies on disc 2, and Tim Blake's
majestic "Tide Of The Century" is a beautiful song that becomes the
new "Spirit Of The Age" maybe. On the "master" CD Hawkwind make new
recordings of "You'd Better Beleive It" (from 1974), and "Sweet
Obsession" which is an old Dave Brock solo thing. Mr. Dibs (bass) and
Niall Hone (additional guitars) Hauke ??newer recruits, and Richard
Chadwick (drums) are still after 21 years in the group, and of course
Tim Blake on synths. "Blood Of The Earth" is definitely a better album
than the last studio album, "Take Me To Your Leader" from 2006, but it
falls a bit into obscurity or unfocused production-related, sound is
more fuzzy and heavy, but definitely Hawkwind after 40 years in the
industry. Just because it is the more palatable for those who like any
classic Hawkwind, it is not too bad but it's a bit "dead end" for
Hawkwind purely qualitatively. Hawkwind can renew themselves as they
have made quantum leaps in the past, only that this is different, but
not as fabulous as the '70-'90's such. An okey four on the dice.

Sun Dial - Sun Dia l (Shrunken Head / Cherry Red label, 2010)
Acid Huet Gary Ramon in Sun Dial attended the same Sixties-frikete
classmate-gang with Nick Saloman of The Bevis Frond and Steven Wilson
of Porcupine Tree in neo-psychedelia heyday as British
undergrunnsblekker as Ptolemaic Terrascope and Freak Beat wrote so
much about the late 80 century and the beginning of the 90th century.
It started well with ur Pink Floyd and 60's psychedelia in the early
90's and looked in the indie-rock with electronic beats towards the
end of the millennium that was easy to write off as an attempt at
commercialism. Then came the retrospective collectors and so now a
whole series of remastered classic Sun Dial slices with bonus discs
and a lot of unheard cases coordinated with this self-titled Grønsj-
turkey of a disc. This is dated 90-odd, dull and bad and sound like
Nirvana at its worst without good production approx. "Bleach", just
lots vræl and bustle of daue and dark and boring texts. Even now, the
undersigned 3 different editions of the "Other Way Out" on CD. And I'm
starting to wonder if my affection for songs like "Fire Ball" and
"Exploding In Your Mind" from the good old days really is not another
one echo from an innocent time that LSD treats the hippie and Gary
Ramon has become a macabre and screaming messenger for music early
(suicide) death. No, "Sun Dial" is a direct bad slice. Do not buy it,
even if you liked the previous album, even (which was called "Zen For
Sale", from 2003). What happened?

U.S. Christmas - Run Thick In The Night (Neurot Recordings label,
Underground Music as the families of the old-biker-rock is probably
already living purely anno 2010, but it depends on the U.S.
Christmas's gloomy and dark goth-rock space with motorcycle goggles
have a few more years on his buried deep down underground. It's like a
cold ghost breath, a bad trip vibe that does not escape without being
recorded as a moment of observation of a Phantasm. The previous disc,
called "Eat The Low Dogs" were classics as "The Scalphunters" and this
release follows up a little bit like rent. Liks Tank and oscillators
bubbles to the surface. Cryptic and incomprehensible lyrics, this is a
group that should be heard out there at the grave sites. It may sound
their interest Hawkwind stopped once approx. 1971, and they have been
involved in the "Triad" album with the groups Harvestman and Minsk
with his versions of old Hawkwind 1970-75. Previously, the group
released discs on some obscure Russian label, but now the words are on
Neurot. Definitely an album to enjoy when you feel morbid enough to
stagger out at night like a biker in a hungry-zombie raid on ...

Øresund Space Collective Slip-In To The Vortex (Tran Substance /
Record Heaven label, 2010)
Fabulous improvised instrumental Dead Head music from these Danish 6
release on the Swedish Tran Substance label is their strongest
hittill, this is a solid space-jam-rock that the families of the Gong
approx. "Angel's Egg" (especially the album) or the Grateful Dead like
circus 1970. Full instrumental blowouts are not as synthesizer-
oriented as the earlier albums. "Slip In To The Vortex" was on the
Swedish charts a space above the Rolling Stones in July and that they
deserve. Scott in the group that is a crazy scientist known as Dr.
Space has truly been a visionary with how music should be improvised -
for all the Øresund Space Collective releases are improvised, and this
is really well played and has "staying power" on CD spiller'n . In
tilleggg running the Egyptian motif in the booklet accompanying the CD
so we realize that we are "built on no big" when we talk phenomena. It
is the spirit that goes ... Fy Pharaoh this is good music!

- Chrarlie "XYZ"

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McMumford "Emperor Anarco-Serpentine" X "" Wed 16 May, 2011 that

ANNIVERSARY ANALYSIS # 2: (continuation of South / Losjete /
riving AnmeLSDser in # 190)

Being "hard" in Krisna:

There are 2 kinds of "Dot-Head" [cf. cult of the okkultistiske
underground music collective The Legendary Pink Dots occurred in 1980
and still active today]: This is the "marriage" Dot Heads and it is
"virgin" Dot Heads. The latter are monks in the LPD cult waiting for a
twin soul in this or the next life. Often, the "virgin" Dot Heads'ene
militants, often sektiske with Islam (cf. the mysterious "Eastern
Magi"). Both types are "underground" Dual-fission, split into a body
that "loving" couple, usually a man and a woman. This brings us to the
lowest in the Legendary Pink Dots "cult", namely "Pink Dots" 's self,
which are microscopic fairy-folk who have only one life to live and
never "marry" as twins. They are sad souls that sends out signals to
the "dot heads", which to them are gods, and uses "Pink Dots" people
to write poetry and play songs. Often they are sad "Pink Dots" people
very solitary, and often weird and introverted mega nerds, and are
only allowed to listen to The Legendary Pink Dots, and dream of one
day becoming a full-fledged "Dot Head" on the beginning stage of the
alchemical "Gemini" existence in the next life, usually as the
"initial service" as the monks. Most often, full-fledged "Dot Heads"
crucified Nazar thousands of animal characters, but often Wiccan or
naturreligons cult oriented. As Nazarenen you are "married to your
oval Love, the one that made you to Christ through love and split it
all together like two lovers Brain Halves" - often a kind of Pan
figure, an "animal person in Hakkebakke forest" can be thought of
black painted finger nails a "Jezebel" in the Biblical sense, a
"Whore". Often, these unholy Nazarene-Dot Heads gone much sects and
free-church activities, as the worst of the worst (Sharon Valley,
Jehovah's Witnesses, "you name it Edward!" Etc.).

Test Tubing Archbishop of Angels-mm, battery-hens, battery-sluts,
electric one-punks, etc.

Even as punk-Dot Head has been signed "Test Tubet" outside
skaperværket virtually in full telepathic surroundings, the stars, but
no destiny, and without the zodiac, Gods of Zen in the 70's like. of
the bands Here & Now and Planet Gong way around. year 1978-79 for six
or seven years old and is a "chosen". This is where the Christ-complex
can be compared to Alan Moore's Superhero fables as "Miracleman" or
"Watchmen" comics. Super Man is an Archangel from above, and one can
think of Christopher Reeve land in silence, cape blowing in the wind,
which rescues kitty from a tree, and then, the silence is gone again
with no other sound than the wind again. What these Archangels have in
common is the "projects" they came from, Zener cards and the whole
package: Tele Pater, dictatorship condemned bastard children, which is
actually the Archangels from the "projects", cf. test-tubing. Many of
these angels will be destroyed in the teens, but they live long enough
to be cracked Dot Heads or Nuclear-Hippies in adulthood, you'd rather
not take on such a bastard.

Post Script: "Elk Dog" also known as "the unspeakable Jaeger" or
"Old Erik" is a legend that goes back to Ancient hunters and sailors
as a hunting cult, associated with manhood, and among fishermen in the
form of Poseidon as The Legendary Pink Dots uses Heceta - Forks, many
logos. Elk-dog favorite food in the 1400s was deer steak and lamb
pudding. Jim Morrison from the 60's group The Doors was the
reincarnated Moose dog from millennia ago. George Washington, Oliver
Cromwell, and Vlad Dracula (cf. the "dragon") were all reincarnations
of the Elk Dog. Moose Dog chases away the souls of Christians and IF
one says "Elk Dog" high resting a spell on you and you must then dance
around the table with a birch and repeat the names "Jasper, Jesper and
Jonathan! I'm not the unspeakable Jaeger anymore! Wild Things! ". In
College fraternities and Gnostic arranges to become an Elk Dog "sworn
brotherly secret". Perhaps one can be that everything is secret and
unlikely one day revealed only to be true and the public? Who knows.
Beep beep, and Legendary Pink Dots their way almost all currency
information in the quote "Sing While You May!".

McMumford "Emperor Anarco-Serpentine" X "" Wed 16 May, 2011 that